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All you need to participate in a mailing list is an E-mail program. A mailing list generally works well for low to medium traffic groups. High traffic lists will flood your inbox. Forums and Usenet are better suited to high traffic groups.

Archived lists[edit]

The only mailing list currently archived on the Oracle FAQ is Oracle-l from If you know of other mailing lists that should be archived here, please let us know.

Oracle-l - [ new messages ] [ archive ]


This archive is by no means complete. If you can help us with missing messages, we would highly appreciate it.


All mailing lists are provided AS-IS. The Oracle FAQ does not exercises editorial control over messages posted unless required by law. We do not necessarily agree or endorse any particular viewpoint posted to a newsgroup, mailing list or forum.

Other lists[edit]

The following public Oracle Mailing Lists are available (but not archived on this site):

  • oradev - this list looks pretty abandoned